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Going headless is one of the most effective ways merchants are fostering greater flexibility with their eCommerce stores, while also delivering unbeatable customer experiences. B2Commerce can help you achieve your unique goals by connecting your DXP, CMS, device, or custom front-end with the powerful BigCommerce engine on the back-end.

  • Enhance UX/CX: combine the commerce functionality of the BigCommerce platform with your front-end application or device to drive a more robust customer experience.
  • Drives Sales on Multiple Storefronts: The BigCommerce platform allows you to run multiple stores from a variety of front-end solutions all from a single BigCommerce account.
  • Build and Expand with APIs: Utilize the powerful APIs of BigCommerce to extend and connect to other platforms and environments. This is eCommerce efficiency at its finest!
  • Preserve Content: Don’t compromise excellent content for eCommerce. With the BigCommerce platform, you can have both!

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