Knollwood Lane

From end-of-life to new life with BigCommerce migration

Knollwood Lane

Knollwood Lane, a Missouri-based merchant that specializes in handmade, vintage gifts, was facing an eCommerce platform emergency before Wagento introduced them to the world of BigCommerce. The Midwestern retailer was particularly worried about security risks once Magento 1—their platform at the time—reached its end of life on June 30.

With the impending termination of M1 support, Knollwood Lane needed a quick solution to migrate their eCommerce store. When Knollwood approached Wagento, they not only wanted to find a platform with a relatively fast deployment time, but also one that offered a lower TCO.

Wagento immediately suggested BigCommerce as an option that would cater to both requirements. The Minneapolis-based solutions provider also recognized that the SaaS platform would be an ideal choice for its customizability, room for growth, and hands-off security and maintenance support.

Wagento worked with Knollwood to meet a strict deadline, successfully migrating all of the company’s customers, orders, products and categories seamlessly to the new website. The move from Magento 1 Open Source also gave Knollwood the opportunity to give their website appearance a fresh makeover. BigCommerce, known to excel in its frontend features and beautiful themes, came in clutch for Knollwood, who went with a sleek, modern design.

Following migration, the company has seen a significant increase in performance score, jumping from 62 percent to an impressive 92 percent. These stats were generated by Pingdom, a website monitoring service that tracks website load speeds and other information.

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