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In 2020, after Gartner recognized VTEX as a “Visionary” and IDC MarketScape named VTEX as a “Leader” in digital commerce, this well-established eCommerce platform finally became a substantial force in the US. Although VTEX has an impressive list of international clients, including massive retailers like Walmart, Levi’s, Sony, and Coca-Cola, it has mostly found success among Latin American sellers until recent years. 

Since VTEX is still relatively new to most American sellers, this article is designed to introduce you to the platform and what it has to offer. Read on to learn about the platform’s features, benefits, and whether or not it could be the best option for your own B2C store.  

What is VTEX?

VTEX is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that aims to integrate everything a company needs to succeed on one convenient platform. Its cloud-based solution provides the opportunity for unlimited customizability options, and its unique approach to collaborative commerce gives retailers the chance to work with channel partners, suppliers, and even other competitors. VTEX is recognized for being highly flexible and scalable, making it an excellent platform for medium to large B2C sellers who already have some experience with eCommerce and have the desire to expand their businesses into new markets.

VTEX B2C Capabilities

VTEX is currently the only platform that can seamlessly integrate eCommerce functionalities, an OMS (Order Management System), and marketplace tools on a single platform. For B2C sellers who need an omnichannel presence to connect with customers through numerous touchpoints, VTEX is the most comprehensive platform, with options to create experiences for:

  • Web and mobile shopping
  • Omnichannel marketing
  • Customer service 
  • In-store selling
  • Endless aisle browsing options
  • Marketplace functionality

Top-selling B2C clients of VTEX reportedly process over 6.5 million orders per year across more than 200 unique marketplaces. The collaborative commerce approach allows sellers to create and sell through their own marketplaces, as well as sell across other retailers’ stores, giving merchants new opportunities to reach customers. Other unique benefits of VTEX include:

  • No manual updates. Sellers never have to worry about keeping their sites up to date with the latest security patches or upgrades. As a SaaS platform, updates are fully taken care of through the cloud.
  • No need for integrations. Retailers don’t have to search for integrations and extensions to supplement their eCommerce sites because VTEX is fully optimized with omnichannel selling in mind.
  • Highly personalized marketing tools. Sellers can increase conversions by utilizing over 5,000 different promotion tools that are delivered at the right time to the right individual.
  • Low-risk expansion opportunities. With your own marketplace, you can easily expand into new product categories, experiment within new markets, and collect valuable customer data to develop better experiences. 
  • Flexible fulfillment options. Increase sales by offering a variety of ways for customers to get their products, such as buy online and pick-up in store, curbside pick-up, or scheduled delivery.

Cross-Border Commerce Opportunities

VTEX was first launched in Brazil in 1999, and it has been a recognized brand throughout the Latin American region for over 2 decades. The company has excelled at keeping up with modern digital trends and technologies, and the flexible, omnichannel model has made VTEX highly appealing to international sellers. Whether merchants are seeking to expand into Latin American markets or other regions around the globe, VTEX has the expertise, experience, and tools needed for worldwide B2C success. 

“VTEX is starting to open some eyes with their unique product offering, value proposition, and recent validation from industry analysts,” explains marketing expert Randy Kohl. “VTEX seems poised to establish themselves as a true global commerce platform provider.” 

Get Started with VTEX

If you think VTEX is the right fit for your business, you’ll still want to make sure your website is carefully built and customized to meet your needs and complement your brand. With over a decade of development experience, the team at B2Commerce is well-equipped to help you create a beautiful site and provide you with resources you need to keep your store performing flawlessly. To connect with a developer or learn more about the VTEX platform, please don’t hesitate to send us a message!

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